(The Daily Dish) They’ve been helping food-insufficient families across the world, and now the USANA Foundation is bringing a new, sustainable way to grow food to Utah during their World Service Week.

Unfortunately, 2022 has created even more problems with families going hungry right here in the USA, financial instability, drought, natural disasters, and even more. Luckily, USANA Foundation has found a way to help many people for less with Garden Towers.

One full-grown Garden Tower can provide at least 5 meals a week for a family of 6, create independence, and they also provide the opportunity for additional income if they have leftover vegetables that they’re not using in their home.

The additional benefits of Garden Towers? The added nutrients can help boost the ability to improve health, energy, and of course mood! Also, one Garden Tower can hold up to 120 plants and can be used for many years.

The most exciting thing about ALL of this? One Garden Tower from USANA can be provided to a family for a donation of $20 with minimal impact on the environment.

For additional information about USANA Foundation and how you can help, visit their website.