SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – When time, energy and ideas are running short, that’s when you call The Food Nanny to help rescue your family dinner. Liz Edmunds, the original Food Nanny, embarked on a mission about 25 years ago to make family meals more meaningful. Now, together with her youngest daughter, Lizi Edmunds Heaps, the two are working together as The Food Nanny to help others plan and execute meaningful, quality meals in their own homes. Their focus is on the food and the overall experience.

The Food Nanny says meal time is more than just the food. It’s a time for family to spend together having constructive and positive exchanges of conversation and time together. According to The Food Nanny, research shows that families that eat at least three meals together a week, see positive behavioral and mental health benefits within children and the parents alike.

The Food Nanny has a collection of helpful meal-planning cookbooks, cooking products and other merchandise available for purchase online or you can visit and shop at The Food Nanny’s retail location in Salt Lake City at 389 West 1830 South, which is right next door to the Salt Lake City Costco.

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