Salt Lake City, Utah (The Daily Dish) — One of the greatest challenges facing us today is the mental and emotional well being of our younger generation. Elysia Butler, founder of The Hope Hero, joined us in the studio for more on how to help our kids and teens.

When asking about Hope Heroes, Elysia had this to say, “The mission and purpose of Hope Hero Foundation is to catch kids before they fall and to empower them to truly become the hero of their own story. Through this we are trying to reach them and give them mindset tools, strategies to build resilience. We know that mental health and the mental well being of our kids is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now.”

Elysia comes from being a ninth grade teacher and when she saw kids in her classroom struggling, she decided that she needed to do something. She came up with Hope Heroes and has since published a book, “Become a Hero of Your Own Story: 52 Tips to Teach Today’s Teens”. Elysia says she knew she needed to get a resource that is available with actionable tools for parents and youth that is simplified so readers can be guided through the stages of The Hero’s Journey weekly. Along the journey, there is friends and mentors, plus foes and challenges that they must work through.

On February 4th, the Hope Hero Foundation is hosting a gala, the Red Sneaker Gala, which has sold out! The mission of this event is to provide hope and help for the community. You can expect to see those attending dressed up, but also sporting the foundations iconic, red Converse.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the Hope Heroes, go to, call, or text. Take out your phone and text “hope” to 662-RED-SHOE, that’s “hope” to 662-773-7463 to receive daily inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

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