SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (The Daily Dish) – Swig, a popular beverage chain with 50 stores across five states, is celebrating a momentous occasion. Swig founder, Nicole Tanner, says Swig now has 50 stores to commemorate. To celebrate with their customers, Swig is offering $0.50 drinks and cookies at all locations.

The $0.50 drinks come in 16-ounce sizes and all cookies, including sugar cookies, mini chocolate chip cookies, and birthday cookies, are also available for $0.50. The promotion has caused some traffic jams, but Tanner encourages customers to think of it as a family outing experience, similar to going to Disneyland.

Tanner attributes Swig’s success to focusing on what matters: their customers. The company’s three core values are providing an amazing product, fast and friendly service, and excellent customer service. Tanner believes that everyone deserves a Swig and happiness, and the company is expanding through franchising to bring that joy to even more people.

In addition to their classic drinks, Swig has also introduced a new drink called “Island Time,” featuring Fresca with mango puree, grapefruit soda, coconut cream, and fresh lime. The company is also gearing up to expand into Nashville, Florida, and beyond.

Tanner wants her customers to feel special, and she believes that starts with treating them right every time. She credits her team for helping her grow the business, and encourages other entrepreneurs to focus on their customers and team to achieve success.