SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Daily Dish– The quest for hosting another Winter Games here in Utah is going strong and our Olympic bid committee has its eyes on either 2030 or 2034. Olympic medalist Shannon Bahrke is part of that committee. She says we will have to sit back and wait for an answer, but is optimistic that the Beehive State has a chance of landing the spot.

“We don’t have a date. We don’t have a set, this going to be the time when they’re going to let us know. They’ll let us know when they let us know. It’s such a mystery,” said Bahrke.

The last time the Olympics were held in Salt Lake City was in 2002, and with some of the infrastructure still in tact from then, the city believes it could host again. “Well you know for those people that that weren’t here during 2002 I think we were all nervous… [but] It was two weeks of the most incredible community Olympic spirit magical. We just came together and it just showed I think Utah’s best foot forward,” said Bahrke.

Hitting the slopes seems to run in the family, Bahrke says her daughter is going to join the Wasatch Freestyle team. Some of the athletes from that program have made their way to the U.S. Ski Team or the Olympics. Bahrke says being able to pass this skill down to her kids is something she is really proud of.

The final decision for the location of the 2030 Winter Olympics will be held next summer. If Salt Lake City is not chosen, all of these current efforts can be carried over into petitioning for the 2034 Winter Olympic Games.