Salt Lake City, Utah (The Daily Dish) — It’s that time of year everyone to help someone else out there and what better way to do so than to help those in need in Ukraine. Joining us now is Luis Vega, Executive Director of the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation. Luis has gone twice now and is getting ready for a third. What a hero!

Luis said, “We are going back this April; told everyone the mission is not done. What we do is we sponsor some orphanages and we deliver vital aid to places that don’t have electricity or running water.”

In 2022, the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation made 2 trips to Ukraine. They delivered medical supplies, trauma kits, and aid to refugees, orphans, besieged cities, and a Ukrainian hospital. Vital infrastructure has been targeted during the winter. People have been struggling with disruptions to electricity supply and central heating caused by waves of Russian air strikes.

In the last year, the Krohn Breakthrough Foundation with help from partners, delivered 78,290 tons of humanitarian aid, 300,00 gallons of clean water, 124 tons of food, and built and distributed 480 wood-burning stoves, and other supplies. They also extracted more than 600 elderly Ukrainians from the front lines.

The Krohn Breakthrough Foundation will head to Ukraine in April 2023 to conduct more humanitarian aid supply runs and more extraction operations to take those who are on the front lines to safety. Their goal is to raise $3 million by April for their most impactful mission yet. For more information or to donate, you can head to

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