Rediscovering The Star of Bethlehem


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – After twenty years of research, local archaeologist John McHugh, who specializes in archaeoastronomy, has written a book about a forgotten Mesopotamian code revealing the stars and planets as deities in the sky. While studying at Brigham Young University, McHugh says he stumbled upon the arcane code that is the template for the legends and miracles in all the Mesopotamian, Greek, Roman, Jewish, Christian and Islamic scriptures.

McHugh’s book, The Celestial Code of Scripture, is said to be the first book to present and explain this secret Mesopotamian cipher. One chapter of the book, in particular, is timely and relevant at Christmas because it focuses on the stellar tableau of Jesus’ nativity and the famous Star of Bethlehem. In an interview with ABC4’s Daily Dish, McHugh tells us how to find The Star of Bethlehem on Christmas morning. He directs you to hold three fingers to the right of the moon and at the edge of your third finger you should have the location of the Star of Bethlehem.

McHugh’s book is published by Monkfish Publishing Company and is available in most locations where books are sold.

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