DRAPER, Utah (The Daily Dish) — Premier Martial Arts, a leading martial arts training facility, emphasizes the importance of character building through discipline. The owner, Adam Ruben, and General Manager and Instructor, David Kim, were guests on The Daily Dish to talk about the unique features of martial arts training.

According to Ruben, martial arts is not just about physical activity, such as throwing punches and kicks. The sport also teaches character development, including discipline, focus, and confidence. Kim added that he has seen many students transform from being shy and lacking in focus to being confident and able to perform complex moves.

During the show, two students from Premier Martial Arts demonstrated their skills by breaking boards. Kim explained that breaking boards requires not only physical strength, but also mental fortitude. The students had to believe in themselves and their abilities to break through the board successfully. The show also featured a demonstration of some impressive skills on the bo staff, which showcased what is taught by Premier Martial Arts.

Premier Martial Arts is offering a special promotion of two free private lessons with one of their instructors to help interested individuals get a feel for martial arts and how it can help them reach their goals as students or parents.

For more information about Premier Martial Arts and their classes, visit their website and schedule a free lesson at one of their locations in Riverton, Pleasant Grove, or Draper.