SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – How does one celebrate National S’Mores Day? One builds their own S’More Station and invites friends to get creative and tasty with S’more fun! Check out the video and see what Nicea, Surae and George put together on today’s Daily Dish!

National S’mores Day on August 10th recognizes the most popular campfire treat! Millions of people of all ages love this gooey, toasted treat.

S’mores consists of a roasted marshmallow with a layer of chocolate bar sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker.

The origin of this tasty snack is credited to the entrepreneur Alec Barnum. However, the first recorded version of the recipe can be found in the 1927 publication of Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.  Even though the Girl Scouts were not the first ones to make s’mores, Girl Scout groups describe them in their reports as early as 1925. Earlier recipes used the name “Some Mores.”  It is unclear when the word “S’mores” became the more common name.

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