SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (The Daily Dish) – It’s national share poetry at work day and we decided to celebrate the day with one of our own, Mike Agrelius, a senior account executive at ABC4, but he also has a hidden talent—he’s a poet.

Agrelius has been writing since he was about 14 years old. He says that writing was a great release for him. He shared he believes the opposite of depression is expression, so writing was a great wat to express himself.

He shared part of one of his poems from his book “Beyond the Laughter” titled “Today.” Agrelius shared this poem has a special meaning to him because it reminds him of his late mother.

“Today is sparkling.

 Today is fresh.

Today is wonderful and it’s new.

Today is alive.

Today is priceless.

Today is a special gift for you.

Today has yesterday’s wisdom, tomorrow’s drains, and the time to do things right now.

Today is a desire. It’s tomorrow’s beginnings and its yesterday’s somehow.

Today is a river that rolls through a meadow where children and poets play.

Today is an ocean that waits for the castles and promises to let them stay.

Today is whatever you want it to be.

Today is alive and it’s here and it’s free.

What will you do with today?”

Poem “Today” from the book “Beyond the Laughter” by Mike Agrelius

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