KEARNS, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Evidence2Success (E2s) Kearns Community Coalition is becoming the MyKearns Community Coalition. #MyKearns teams up with a variety of state, county, and local agencies. The board members engage directly within the organization’s workgroups to execute on the programs to help kids find success through prevention and evidence-based programs. MyKearns is a board of volunteers that collaborate together and bring positive solutions to Kearns within the scope of four main priorities:

  • Increasing youth pride in the Kearns Community and Schools.
  • Decrease youth alcohol use and substance abuse, including
  • Help families continue to be strong and supportive of their children
  • Ensure our families and youth are physically and mentally healthy.

The MyKearns Community Coalition is creating opportUNITY in our commUNITY.

#MyKearns works within an Evidence2Success model to decrease youth substance use and other problem behaviors in Kearns through evidence-based programming, environmental strategies, and community engagement.

MyKearns Community Coalition brings Kearns Community Residents together with public and private systems to help our kids find success through prevention and evidence-based programs.

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