KEARNS, Utah (The Daily Dish) – Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day, and so was the passion to make a positive impact on the Kearns community. The MyKearns Community Coalition is taking strides to help youth and their families overcome risky behaviors, such as drug and alcohol abuse.

The coalition, consisting of community partners and members, is committed to reducing risk factors and increasing prosocial opportunities for Kearns youth. To achieve this goal, they have enlisted the help of the Kearns Youth Council.

The MyKearns Youth Council president, Gio Rojas, shared their message with the community during a local library event. The event aimed to raise awareness about the dangers of substance abuse and promote the available resources to help prevent it. The council’s focus is to connect with their peers and help them understand that they have options and resources available to make positive choices, especially during difficult situations.

“We want to help spread awareness about this to families, to those around the community, to teachers, everyone,” said Rojas.

The Youth Council is also “leaving its mark” on the school and its students. They work to promote positive initiatives and create opportunities to strengthen the bond between parents and children.