KEARNS, Utah (The Daily Dish) – The MyKearns Community Coalition and the Kearns Youth Council are teaming up to encourage community involvement and support in Utah. The coalition, which works with multiple community organizations and events, has a long-standing partnership with the Utah National Guard Drug Demand Reduction and Outreach program. Chad Wilkins, a specialist with the National Guard, explained that they primarily help the coalition support events and provide whatever assistance they can.

One upcoming event is the National Drug Take Back Day on April 22nd. Wilkins emphasized the importance of safely disposing of unused or unwanted prescriptions to prevent them from getting into the environment and potentially harming community members. He also noted that preventing drug abuse among youth is a top priority for the National Guard and the coalition.

Alex Vasquez, a member of the youth council, spoke about the growth he has seen among his peers and the community as a whole. He highlighted the importance of coming together as a community, making mistakes, and learning from them to build a stronger, more connected community.

To learn more about the National Guard, the coalition, or upcoming events like the National Drug Take Back Day, interested individuals can visit the Utah National Guard website.