SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Women coming together to help other women, that’s the primary foundation of the Utah-based nonprofit Mothers Shut In (MSI). Mothers Shut In is a faith-based community of women, from diverse backgrounds, that have come together, collectively, to change the lives of women and their children, grandchildren, and generations to come, in a way that they are unable to do so within their means. MSI empowers mothers and grandmothers to effect change by providing others with opportunities through scholarships, education, financial assistance, career training and volunteering, among other things as well.

Diversity and inclusion are an important part ot the core success of Mothers Shut In. At Mothers Shut In, participants and organizers have a commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This commitment is woven into the organization’s values, and the nonprofit is strengthened as it embraces the full spectrum of humanity. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, or national origin, is respected, and that philosophy is contagious in MSI’s mission to empower, engage and enlighten the communities it serves.

Mothers Shut In fosters a spiritually enriched environment whereby it provides resources, tools, and services that positively impact the well-being and self-sufficiency of women as they participate in transforming the lives of children and future generations. It’s overall vision is to impact the world by positively affecting the lives of women, children, and future generations.

One of the primary programs coordinated by MSI is its Seeds of Hope Program. The Seeds of Hope program is designed to assist the low-income and at-risk population, which includes single parents, youth ages 12-25, and other family units. This assistance will be in the form of education and career support, which includes mentoring and employment internships, career development, college readiness and/or post-secondary training, life skill support, and other tools which will assist in enhancing financial and educational independence. The result will be that of developing the necessary skills to obtain a stable work and home environment, thus enhancing the community in which we live. The Seeds of Hope program is a 12-month experience, beginning in November of each year, and maintaining support for the identified participants during the entire time.

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