SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) – A Layton mother whose daughter died after being struck by a distracted driver reacted Monday to a shocking ad produced by Utah Department of Transportation and Zero Fatalities.

The ad features a family driving down the road, when they are suddenly t-boned by a distracted driver. Glass flying around her, the girl breaks the fourth wall, speaks to viewers and gives a powerful speech about how her parents’ lives will change after she is gone. “Let’s be clear. This is your fault,” she says. 

The ad abruptly ends with airbags deploying, and a black slate that says “Join the Resistance.”

“People need to be shocked,” said Kristina Morris. “I think that’s exactly what people needed to hear.”

Morris lost her daughter Bailee DiBernardo Jan. 11, 2016, when Bailee was walking in a crosswalk at the intersection of Lindsay St. and Fort Lane. DiBernardo was struck by a vehicle, Morris said, in which the driver was leaning over to pick up a protein shake after visiting the nearby gym. After DiBernardo was struck, a second car stopped to help. A third car approached, and Morris says the driver thought her daughter was clothing lying in the road. The driver centered the car to run over what she thought was debris, only to drag DiBernardo yards down the road. 

Morris said she suffers from PTSD and other ailments because of her daughter’s untimely death. 

“When you lose somebody to somebody else being negligent behind the wheel, it’s very devastating,” Morris said.

UDOT spokesperson John Gleason and Highway Patrol spokesperson Lt. Todd Royce say if this ad helps to save even one life, it is worth it. Eliminating distraction behind the wheel takes effort and practice. They hope this ad will help motivate drivers to resist the urge to be distracted while driving.

With this ad, UDOT and the Utah Highway Patrol hope to:
a): Educate/remind drivers of the risk associated with distracted driving: Drivers of all ages are prone to distracted driving so the message is an important one for all audiences. This memorable ad will hopefully be recalled if/when a driver is tempted to be distracted; b): Encourage family discussion. UDOT and UHP believe children are a great resource to help us learn and encourage each other to have safe driving habits. This ad provides a reminder to parents/guardians to discuss distracted driving and what children can do to encourage drivers to stay focused; c) Help save lives: If this ad helps save even one life, it is worth it.

Join the Resistance Specific Messages:
To encourage safer driving on our roads, Zero Fatalities created a campaign called, “Join the Resistance.” This campaign aims at empowering and uniting Utahns to eliminate distraction behind the wheel.

Resist the urge to drive distracted and help others do the same. Join the Resistance at, where you can take the pledge and earn rewards.