Learn how to help people heal all while advocating for victims of DV

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(The Daily Dish) For 36 years, The Refuge Utah has provided a safe environment to help in the recovery of survivors of domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, and stalking. Their goal is to facilitate healing and to advocate for victims with the intent to decrease the incidence of such violence in the community.

In 2020, there was a need for over over 12,411 emergency and transitional housing nights. The Refuge Utah answered 2,445 hotline calls, and provided 3,308 advocacy hours. They also completed the rebrand of their agency to promote inclusivity and align with their vision of helping all survivors affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.

A few of the services that are offered at The Refuge Utah are listed below:

  • Sheltering Services – Safe house’s are provided for individuals and families fleeing domestic violence with donations, case management services, and many resources provided to help people rebuild their lives and build safety. People can come without any of their belongings and have all of their basic needs met.
    • The shelter is a large safe home, with caring and professional staff working day and night. 
  • Clinical Services – Individual and group therapy provided to people who have entered the shelter, as well as recently added programming to provide therapy services to people in the community who do not need shelter but still need healing from domestic violence. By partnering with local universities, they work with interns who provide additional therapy services.
    • They hope to continue to grow this program to help as many people in the community emotionally heal from abuse.
  • Transitional housing and aftercare services: Apartment units available for people while they leave abusers and work towards obtaining more permanent housing. The Refuge Utah is providing support and case management to people for up to a year after they leave the shelter or transitional housing.  
  • Educational Class: A class on domestic violence open to the public for those wanting to understand domestic violence.
    • Classes are provided in person at their Orem office or on zoom each Wednesday evening.
  • Volunteer program – Their agency is appreciative of the many committed volunteers who assist in providing services to clients. They’re always looking for people invested in this cause, wanting to make a difference.

Domestic Violence is a very common experience and it is not always obvious. It happens in many of our neighborhoods, schools, churches, families, anywhere and sometimes where we least expect it. Abusers can be very discreet and people who are victimized can feel very trapped and not have the opportunity to leave. Education and awareness on this topic is key to understanding domestic violence by helping by removing judgement, and being a support to others. 

I have worked with many people who have said if only they knew there was help out there, if only they knew people would believe them, if only… they may have escaped much sooner. Its important to spread the news about Stop The Violence and all of the many shelters and resources in our state. It can save someone’s life.” ~Amanda Burke, Clinical Domestic Violence Director

Click here for additional numbers for help or you can look at additional ways to help here.

For more information about how you can help, you can visit The Refuge Utah website.

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