SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Ruff Haven is a non-profit local shelter that works to keep your pets safe. Their mission is to provide a temporary safe haven for pets in times of crisis, increase pet retention and decrease the number of pets entering the shelter system.

Ruff Haven has a crisis sheltering program which provides temporary sheltering for the pets of people experiencing a short-term crisis, including domestic violence. The shelter says nearly 50% of domestic violence victims have delayed leaving their abusers out of fear of harm to their pets and abusers often use violence or threats of violence against a victim’s pet as a psychological tool to manipulate and further control the victim. Since the sheltering program started in June of 2020 the Ruff Haven website shows:

  • 643 pets saved
  • 413 families helped
  • 544 people and pets reunited

This year, in partnership with Humane Society of Utah and Representative Angela Romero, a bill was passed that allows pets to be included in domestic violence protective orders, making Utah the 37th state with this protection.

For more information or how you can apply for the sheltering program head to the Ruff Haven website.