KEARNS, Utah (The Daily Dish— The Kearns Community Coalition is making it easy for residents to help local youth. Don Bartlett, chair of the Policy and Youth Development Workgroup, and Britney Salcedo, a member of the Youth Council, discussed the group’s efforts in a recent interview.

The Youth Council has spent the last month brainstorming ideas to help the community’s youth, particularly those struggling with substance abuse. One group is planning a sports event where elementary and junior high students can learn about different sports offered in the community.

The coalition is also implementing a peer court to help youth with minor offenses avoid having a record. “It’s an opportunity to reach them to show maybe getting more support in the community and to be able maybe have them go in a different track rather than going into the juvenile system,” Bartlett said.

Although the group doesn’t have any events scheduled at the moment, they are hoping to launch some soon. Those interested in volunteering or joining the Youth Council can visit their website.

Overall, the Kearns Community Coalition is making a positive impact in the lives of local youth. With their efforts, they are providing a safe and supportive environment for those in need.