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(The Daily Dish) Today on The Daily Dish, Surae is talking with Brooke Muir and Brittany Loose regarding who is “Fight Against Domestic Violence (FADV)” and what they do.

FADV is a Salt Lake City based nonprofit that works to generate resources for domestic violence service providers through corporate, individual, and community partnerships. As we understand it, they are not a part of the coalition of service providers ABC4 Utah has been featuring all month, but they do support them.

They are proud to support the Domestic Violence Coalition and the Stop the Violence Utah campaign. They don’t service’s for survivors like the coalition does, but they do recognize and value their expertise and wanted to leave that to them.

Instead, when they were founded they decided to be resource-based because believe it or not, there isn’t an organization in the United States that operates as a primary source of fundraising for domestic and intimate partner violence. Their service providers are all applying for the same government funding and they don’t need another domestic violence focused nonprofit competing with them for the already limited funding. This is why instead of services, they have programs that provide much-needed unrestricted funding.

Unrestricted Funding: What is it?

Research has found that financial instability is one of the biggest barriers for survivors to leave their situation, and government grants must be used for very specific purposes. For example, a case manager from Safe Harbor in Farmington may have a client who needs help breaking a lease so they can enter into a new one without their abuser. Safe Harbor’s government funding may not cover that need, that is what they call “restricted funding.” Instead, the case manager can come to Fight Against Domestic Violence (FADV) with their request and they’ll work with them to fill the need with their unrestricted funding that comes from individual/private, and corporate donations.

FADV recently received a request for an individual who has an online business to support their family. Their sewing machine, which they depended on for their business, broke, and they needed a new one. They were able to help with that need due to Unrestricted Funding.

We have a couple of fundraising opportunities coming up, but let’s talk about the programs available that fill in the gaps for survivors.

They have several programs available, and they’d love for viewers to visit their website to learn more, but there is one they’re currently excited about! Their newest program Flex Fund provides survivors who are currently working alongside their case managers with financial help based on their individual needs. By supporting survivors this way reinforces the individual dignity of each survivor.

Flex Fund grants can be used for car repairs, legal fees, childcare, household items, job training – whatever the survivor needs most. Right now they have TWO matching challenges for Flex Fund that have been extended by two generous donors! If they reach $100,000.00 in donations each donor will match that $100K. This means they have the potential of raising $300K in unrestricted funding for Utah’s service providers.

As you’ve heard from the Stop the Violence Utah campaign, October is special for them because it is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

They have two opportunities for people to help:

  • They will be at Classic Skating in Sandy from 6 PM – 10 PM on the 22nd, with the Bikers Against Domestic Violence, sharing information, and having a great time.
    • Classic Fun Centers has generously offered to donate $2 back when you pay using the code “FADV” for every person who joins in that evening.
  • Also, a diaper drive for large-size diapers and pull-ups. Donations can be made through an Amazon Wishlist, that is running through the end of this month.

Additional ways you can support FADV:
Amazon – search “Fight Against Domestic Violence”

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