SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Every time you pick up your device to log into an app or go on a website, it seems like you have to prove you’re really you. Actor, John O’Hurley, says the authentication process of providing a code, or picking out an object in photos—all in an effort to make sure we’re human—was driving him crazy. O’Hurley is well known for his role as ‘J. Peterman’ on “Seinfeld,” being a finalist on “Dancing with the Stars,” and even hosting “Family Feud.”

O’Hurley is working with Q5id, which allows businesses to onboard new employees, social media accounts, or customers with identity proofing and enable passwordless biometric authentication by using their app. Q5id is a patented identity proving system that the company believes will significantly reduce business fraud and eliminate fake social media bots.

The user authenticating uses the Q5id app to complete a quick scan of the users face and one of their palms to gain access. These scans are compared against the previously enrolled biometrics to ensure the data matches. The patented 4-step process ensures that anyone who enrolls – whether that’s a new customer, new hire, or new vendor – can securely access business systems at any time. It also means that no one in the system can be tricked into giving up a password because there aren’t any. For more information head to the Q5id website.