SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Daily Dish– The holidays are a time for spending time with family, celebrating, and eating special foods. They can also be a time when emotions run high. Children may feel excitement about all the fun things happening, but they may also feel anxious about being around so many people or getting gifts. It’s important to help children process these emotions so they can enjoy the holidays.

One way to help children process their emotions is to check in with your own emotions. Holidays often come with added stress for adults. Sometimes holidays even remind us of loved ones we have lost recently, which can complicate feelings of grief. By being aware of your own emotions, you can set a calm example for children.

Another way to help children is to remember the importance of routines. Holidays often include opportunities for lots of exciting activities! It’s okay to change your child’s daily routine a bit to make time for special events, particularly the ones that are important to your family. But routines provide a sense of stability for children, so it’s important to maintain some regularity. It can be hard to do this during the holidays but sticking as close to your routine can really make a difference.

Finally, adults can create a space for children to express themselves. This can be done by reminiscing on daily experiences and modeling sharing your own emotions. It’s important to listen to children and validate their feelings. By doing so, you can help children feel comfortable expressing themselves and improve their emotional wellbeing.