SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Daily Dish) – If you’re looking for a fun gift for everyone on your list, you may want to buy some stickers. Vinyl stickers are a great gift for anyone and are not just for kids. They are a perfect way for someone to personalize their belongings and can help them stand out from the crowd.

The Little Stickerhood Shop makes vinyl stickers for every occasion. The name of the shop is a play on the word ‘hood’ whether you’re talking about sisterhood, motherhood, or fatherhood, as you transition to different moments in your life, you’re in a new ‘hood’ and can celebrate it with some fun stickers.

Cindy Maudsley, the owner of Little Stickerhood Shop says a lot of her stickers represent things she’s been through personally or that she thinks others would enjoy. “My hope is that you anyone can find something that they love, and my stickers can make them laugh or smile,” said Maudsley. Some of the stickers from the Little Stickerhood Shop include favorite drinks, various professions, motherhood, and mental health awareness. There really is a sticker for anyone and everyone.

Stickers are the best gift because they can spruce up a Christmas card. Stickers can add a personal touch to a water bottle, lunchbox, or instrument case. You can check out all of Maudsley’s designs on Instagram or Esty. If you are scrolling through her pages and cannot find a design that you really want, Maudsley says she can make some custom design just send her a message.