Get your family focused on the meaning of the Holidays with a Mystery Escape Room!

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(The Daily Dish) Deena took a trip today and checked out the Mystery Escape Room at The Gateway that’s available.

The Mystery Escape Room offers six different rooms that are all different themes and experiences. Right now, they’re offering one that’s temporary for Christmas. This is a room setup with the Classic Tale of Christmas.

Once the Spirit of Christmas Past was strong and spread joy and love across the land. It would remind people of the wonderful meaning of Christmas and be the center of their celebrations. As time passed, people began to forget the meaning of Christmas. The spirit of Christmas Past began to fade. Over time it retreated and no longer touched the hearts of people like it had in the past. Eventually, it was locked away awaiting a time when people would once again remember what Christmas meant. 

The Spirit of Christmas Past can only be brought back by people who remember the meaning of Christmas. They must find the symbols of Christmas and call the spirit forth to spread joy and love once again across the land.

Buy tickets and see if you can help to bring back the Spirit of Christmas!

The five other room that are being offered are:

  • The Haunted Temple of Ah Puch – A Haunting Escape Room Adventure inside the belly of an ancient Mayan Temple.
  • The Official Nancy Drew Escape Room – Get lost in the pages of a memorable Nancy Drew story when you step into the fashionable Evergreen Lodge.
  • The Book of Houdini – Hidden within somewhere is Houdini’s secret book that contains information on all of Houdini’s greatest escapes.
  • The Official Downton Abbey Escape Room –  Inspired by the hit TV drama and blockbuster movie, you are sure to feel like you are really there inside the castle.
  • The Sword of Zorro – If you have an adventurous spirit, the spirit of Zorro, then join your friends on this mighty quest.

All rooms can also be purchased as Virtual team building events. They give you 60 minutes to complete the online escape room. You can also hire one of their Professional Team Facilitators to lead a custom debriefing session afterwards to help your team gain insight on what can be done differently.

Topics that you can focus on:

  • Team Unity
  • Effective Team Collaboration
  • Agile Learning
  • Direct Communication
  • Practical Organization
  • Efficient Coordination

For more information or to plan your Mystery Escape Room with your group, visit their website! This would also be a great gift for someone!

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