SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 – Utah) – Supporting victims and survivors of crime in Utah is the main goal of the nonprofit Utah Crime Victims Legal Clinic. It offers free legal services for crime victimes. Those services include legal representation in criminal cases as well as advocacy. The Clinic also offers legal presentation and advocacy in stalking injunction and protective order cases.

The Utah Crime Victims Legal Clinic’s main focus is to ensure that the constitutional rights of crime victims are protected, and that victims are treated fairly, with dignity and respect and free from harassment and abuse while they participate in the criminal cases. They also work to ensure that the victim’s voice is heard during the criminal justice process, and they can meaningfully participate where appropriate. The Legal Clinic also helps to ensure that crime victims are protected throughout a criminal case; for example, that a crime victim’s right to privacy is protected.

Most clients are victims of domestic violence, physical violence and sexual violence, and stalking. But the Legal Clinic are able to present a victim of any criminal offense.

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