SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Daily Dish) – Alix Traeger is a foodie influencer who has gained a large social media following for her fun way of showing people how to make yummy dishes, even though this wasn’t always part of her plan.

Traeger says she went to school for science, but always had a passion for cooking. After she graduated, she started food blogging and moved to Sweden. She was hired as an intern at BuzzFeed Tasty and learned how to make cooking videos. That experience sparked her passion for food and sharing it on social media. Traeger says as she kept making videos for her job, she thought, that she could do that on her own too. She then starting to make videos on her personal social media pages and now has thousands of followers.

“It’s been such a wild journey, but I really feel lucky that I found my exact perfect place because I’m able to be my silly self in my kitchen,” said Traeger. “I’ve always loved cooking I always wanted to be somewhere in food but I thought it would be more of a hobby.”

Even though making food videos has not always been part of Traeger’s plan, she seems to be doing great at it. Trager says she recently started a new series with Target where she is hosting a 5-episode series on their YouTube channel. Traeger’s cooking style could be called a little unconventional. She says she likes to take classic flavors and pair the mash them up in a new way. Traeger says she is most famous for her videos makin a banana corndog and a three layer chocolate fudge brownie cheesecake. She says that she likes to make food that you could eat at a fair. Now if reading all about her food is making you hungry, you can see more of what Alix Traeger is up to on her website, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok pages.