SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Introducing Grannie Rattle Cakes and her friend One-Half Ron. They’re just two delightful characters who have been hanging out at So Cupcake, a delicious cupcake shop in Millcreek. Now, their adventures outside the bakery are coming to life in a series of books.

Natalie Jensen, owner of So Cupcake, and her mother Claudia Gesas are the fantstic writing duo behind these colorful, creative stories. Natalies says she started to wonder what kind of adventures Grannie and Ron would go one after Halloween. Did they have a party, make new friends, or go on adventures together?

The mother-daughter team started to write about these adventures these two skeletons embarked on. Grannie Rattle Cakes and One-Half Ron were born. Their experiences would eventually become a series of stories brought to life on the pages of books with the help of professional illustrator Nica Rockwood Stamm.

The first book is called What a Bona Fide Pair. It describes how Grannie Rattle Cakes meets One-Half Ron!

Three more books are in the works including “A Fixer Upper Sort Of” and “Hip as a Button”.

Watch for more stories to come where they will have some wonderful adventures together after Halloween such as, two skeletons flying to the North Pole!!! Who’s ever heard of such a thing?

Check out Grannie Rattle Cakes and One-Half Ron online, click here.