If you have wrinkles or bags under your eyes and have considered injections or surgery, there are non-invasive solutions. Angie Bruse knows some secrets about the technology of Plexaderm.

Plexaderm is a topical skin treatment made with silicates from shale rock. Now the serum is more potent with the addition of two key ingredients, peptides and collagen. It tightens your skin in as little as 5-minutes without injections or prescription.

It works on all the key signs of aging from under eye bags, crow’s feet, forehead lines, laugh lines around your mouth or even on skin under your neck.

Right now, Plexaderm is offering a six application trail pack for $14.95 with free, no automatic shipping. This is not a repeat subscription.

Visit PlexadermTrail.com or call 800-214-3981.

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