Kelana Humphrey from Temecula, California has been named a Gabb Wireless Life Ambassador and he stopped by ABC4 today to talk with Surae about what he does as an Ambassador and why Gabb Wireless is a smart option for kids.

The role of an Ambassador is to give other kids an example of what you can achieve if you focus on your goals. Even though it may seem that Kelana has not achieved his goals, he is actually still setting new ones and moving forward.

Kelana interacts with his fans and audiance by having his dad help him make videos about what he is doing so when other kids recognize him out in the world, he can try to take some time to talk with them and let them know he is not any different than them.

Kelana warns that one of the biggest dangers for phones for kids is just wasting time. They say the average teen spends about 7 hours a day looking at a screen. That’s a huge waste. The internet is kind of like the wild west, and there are a lot of predators and scams and bad content that kids really shouldn’t be exposed to but have no way of knowing that.

As kids, we want to be independent and in touch with friends and parents so we still need a phone. But not having the internet and all the distractions of games and social media just keeps kids from the distractions. It’s like candy — if you have it, you’ll probably eat it. But if it’s not around, you’ll eat something else.

They call him “The Little Monster.” But when you meet 12-year-old Kelana Humphrey, he’s polite, friendly, and down to earth. Kelana grew up in Bali, Indonesia, where his American-born father owned a shop that made motorcycles and surfboards. That was his education, hanging around a bunch of older guys who were constantly going on motorcycle and surf trips. Kelana learned fast, just trying to keep up with the older, professional riders.

When he moved to America a few years ago, he started getting serious about racing. Something happens when Kelana puts on that helmet and goggles. He becomes this fearless, relentless, and super-competitive. He becomes The Little Monster. He often wins races well over his age bracket. But it’s not just about moto-racing for Kelana.

He also loves skateboarding, mountain biking, and surfing. He’s never spent much time on screens— sticking to a strict 30 minutes per day policy—and that’s played a big part in allowing him to achieve his goals and have loads of being outdoors and going fast. The Little Monster loves going fast.

The primary interest of Gabb Wireless is Protecting Kids. As parents, we believe that nothing is more important than protecting children. Every idea we conceive and every plan we make is measured by asking the question, “Will this help and protect kids?”

Kids don’t need unlimited Internet access and fancy features. Parents shouldn’t have to spend $700+ on a breakable device for a pre-teen. Gabb Wireless was created by parents to solve this problem.
Overconsumption of social media causes stress, anxiety, and depression.

How Gabb Wireless helps:

  • Prevents exposure to inappropriate content.
  • Avoids distractions and screen addiction.
  • Reduces the likelihood of cyberbullying.
  • Only $49.99: because you shouldn’t have to finance a kids’ device.
  • Looks like a regular smartphone.
  • No Internet browser, app store, or social media.
  • Completely safe for kids, no parental controls needed.

Since Smartphones were invented we’ve learned:

  • Excessive screen time reduces cognitive scores in children.
  • Gaming contributes to the obesity epidemic.
  • Predators use technology to lure in unsuspecting kids.

For more information about Gabb Wireless visit their website or their blog. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.

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