(The Daily Dish) Do your carpets look grimy soon after you deep cleaned them? No, you’re probably not that dirty. Believe it or not, it actually gets discolored because of your shampoo. “One of the problems with using soaps in your carpets is that it’s impossible to get out,” says Jake from Zerorez. “…and it’s going to continue to do its job — it’s going to attach itself to dirt. The problem is, it’s now stuck to your carpet too.”

Using only electrolyzed water to deep clean carpets, Zerorez can get both dirt and shampoos out in no time. “It raises the pH of the water and acts just like a soap. But, it doesn’t leave that sticky residue behind.”

Being completely chemical-free, this treatment is completely safe for pets and kids. With only water used during treatment, drying time is cut down significantly compared to traditional carpet cleaning agents.

Want to see it for yourself? For a limited time, Zerorez is offering their service for $33 per room, with the fourth room free. Claim the deal today using promo code ‘4RMFREE‘ at checkout.

To schedule a cleaning with Zerorez, give them a call at 801-288-9376. Also, find them online at ZerorezSaltLake.com or ZerorezDavisWeber.com.

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