What does seismic safety look like for Utah?

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Is the Wasatch Fault Line moving?

When the Wasatch Fault breaks the surface; we call that the escarpment. You can see it in many places along its 220-mile path. Most of the population of Utah lives in the danger zone. The recent movement shows that the fault runs at more of an angle closer to the surface. Last year’s Magna quake was on the Wasatch Fault deep under the surface. Living in Utah, you need to prepare

You have car insurance but you still wear seatbelts. Seismic Safety Systems strap’s your house down and ties it together, like seatbelts for your house. They can make it safer for you and your family. What they do gives peace of mind for life.

Will my house be affected?

Utah already has a housing shortage but there are about 86,000 households in the area that could suddenly become homeless. Earthquakes don’t kill people, collapsing buildings do. Your house won’t fall down until it falls apart. You could remain self-reliant if you let Seismic Safety Systems improve the structural strength and integrity of your home.

Call Seismic Safety Systems before doing any remodeling, roofing or improvements, even carpets or cabinets. Seismic work is more affordable when combined with other work you are going to do anyway.

For a limited time, completely free to any homeowner, Seismic Safety Systems will do a risk analysis and consultation. Identify the type of construction and most critical recommended upgrades.

Visit Seismic Safety Systems to learn about seismic retrofitting, upgrades and more at https://seismicsafetysystems.com/ or call 844- 3 STRONG

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