(The Daily Dish) Smiling brightly as always, we were visited by Kim Fischer, the National Spokesperson and Senior Vice President of Communication for Waterford Upstart! She shared an exciting new at-home learning program, now available to more children who continue to struggle learning to read, called Waterford Upstart Summer Learning Path.

“You can see the research that’s been coming out showing that children are behind in terms of literacy,” says Fischer. “Unfortunately we were before the pandemic, and now it has just gotten worse.”

The “sweet spot” for Waterford Upstart has been families with children entering kindergarten. But to help offset the effects of the pandemic, state leaders earlier this year approved funding allowing Waterford Upstart to come alongside families with children entering kindergarten.

They’ve also partnered with Granite School District to provide Waterford Upstart to its third-graders who are reading on a first-grade level. The goal of these programs is to get those students on par with their peers. In addition to literacy courses, children can also sign up to practice their math and science skills through the Waterford Upstart at-home program.

The best part about the program is that it comes at completely NO COST to families. Because Waterford Upstart is a state-sponsored program, all costs have been covered already.

As part of the Waterford Upstart Summer Learning Path, the lessons are easy to follow, and are simple to complete including:

  • 20 minutes a day instead of 15 minutes
  • Five days a week
  • Calls with a coach
  • Lessons on mindset skills
  • Computer and internet (if needed)

How do you know if your child is falling behind and could benefit from the program? According to Kim Fischer: “Do they know their alphabet? Can they count to at least 20? Can they sound out those letters and are starting to string them together? Even if they’re not fully reading, they should be on that path. And if they’re not, then this is the program you want to utilize.”

If your child isn’t quite reading to the level they should be, register them today by going to WaterfordUpstart.org and filling in your current state of residence. You can also call them at 888-982-9898.

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