Water is something we often take for granted, get tips on how to Slow the Flow

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It’s a wonderful thing to always have water coming out of taps in our homes. You turn on the faucet, you get water – every time. We are truly fortunate. Water is one of our most valuable resources because it is life-sustaining. However, water is something we often take for granted.

Droughts are considered a “creeping disaster” because their exact onset and end often cannot be identified until long after the event has come and gone. Drought in the West is a combination of high temperatures and low winter snowpack. Drought in the East is caused by a lack of precipitation in the summer.

Utah is in extreme drought. Droughts are among the most financially burdensome of all weather-related disasters. The consequences of drought are far-reaching and not always immediate. Utah is currently relying on water, stored in reservoirs, from previous years.

Unfortunately, we don’t know how long this drought will last. That’s out of our control but what is in our control is how we respond and what we do today to conserve water for the future.

Extreme drought requires EVERYONE to reduce their water use now. If you haven’t already, I would ask that you do something to conserve water, starting today. Simple things can be done today to reduce water use and make a big difference for Utah’s future water supply.

  • There are plenty of simple things we can do to continue to reduce our water use, even during the Fall and Winter months:
    • Most areas can turn off their sprinklers except southern Utah where temps are still in the high 70s and 80s. Check with your water provider for recommendations and restrictions in your area.
    • Indoor water tips – Make sure you continue to save water this Fall and Winter.
    • Recognize that toilet flushing, washing machines and showering constitute the top three water wasters for home water use.
  • The most recent reports can be found here.

Visit the Slow the Flow website for more conservation tips.

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