(The Daily Dish) There are many factors we need to worry about in a relationship, but intimacy is certainly one of the hardest issues to solve as a couple. While many couples believe that only older men can experience an intimacy issue like erectile dysfunction (ED), studies show that young men can struggle with it as well.

“…we’re kind of trying to break down the stigma — we think not talking about it is a little bit dangerous,” according to Dr. Andrew Rinehart with Wasatch Medical Clinic. “70 percent of men with erectile dysfunction do not seek treatment because of the stigma. So that’s a lot of relationships that are negatively affected.”

In past cases, treatments for ED have included prescription medications, injections, and even surgery to remedy the issue. Dr. Rinehart adds, “Most of the erectile dysfunction out there is caused by damaged blood vessels. We’ve thrown a pill at it for 30 years as a society.”

Today, medical technology has opened up dramatically, giving men everywhere a new treatment option for ED called Acoustic Wave Therapy. In Utah, one of the few practices using Acoustic Wave Therapy with its patients is Wasatch Medical Clinic.

Utilizing radial waves and focused shockwaves, Acoustic Wave Therapy encourages the growth of blood vessels and improves overall blood flow. This groundbreaking treatment for intimacy is a preferred option for many men, as it’s completely needle-free, surgery-free, and drug-free.

Treatment sessions last only 25 minutes each session and there’s no recovery or downtime afterward. Every visit is completely confidential, so patients needn’t worry when going in. To determine if treatment is needed, a non-invasive blood flow test is performed prior.

For more information or to schedule a consultation you can give them a call at (801) 901-8000 or visit them online.

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