LOGAN, Utah – The Malouf Foundation and Paparazzi Accessories have joined together to bring awareness to the fight against human trafficking. During their “Paparazzi Possible” campaign in October 2020, Founder Misty Kirby reached out to thousands of Paparazzi Accessories consultants and asked them to take the OnWatch digital training to recognize the signs of trafficking.

“Our consultants jumped on board in taking the OnWatch training,” Kirby said. “Eighty percent of the feedback we received after they took the training was the shock that trafficking is happening in our own communities. The thought that the child next door could be trafficked called our company to action.”

To help people better understand trafficking in America, the OnWatch training platform shares the true experiences of several survivors. Each story explains the reality for survivors and teaches viewers what signs to look for and how to report suspected trafficking. Executive Director of the Malouf Foundation, Jake Neeley said, “By listening to these survivors’ stories, people can really grasp what trafficking is and how it intersects their daily lives.”

For Giving Tuesday in November 2020, the Paparazzi Accessories consultants used their network of influence and raised the largest single-day donation in the history of the Malouf Foundation. Kirby said, “So many organizations over-complicate their ability to make a mark in the world. The barrier to getting involved in the OnWatch program is only one hour. Everyone has one hour to make a difference in recognizing the signs of human trafficking.”

Corporations, groups, and organizations can get involved with OnWatch by inviting everyone in their circle of influence to take the training. “Become an OnWatch Certified group when 90 percent of participants compete our free community training,” Neeley said. “Once that milestone is reached, your group receives a certification badge and marketing materials to share with your customers, clients, supporters, or community.”

To take the free OnWatch training, visit their website.

All suspected trafficking situations should be reported to the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.

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