(The Daily Dish) USANA is launching its Holiday Food Bag program because they’re dedicated to helping hungry kids in Utah get the meals they need.

Food-insecure students show up to school even on a non-school day, in hopes of getting a meal for the day. Most kids celebrate when they get a day off of school, but some kids make the journey anyway just so they have a meal to eat that day, a horrible situation at any age but especially to those so young in life.

One young boy’s mother passed away a few months ago, and the grandma unexpectedly became the boy’s parent. On a fixed income, she was not ready for the expense of raising a child and is struggling to make ends meet and overwhelmed with the idea that it will take years to raise him under these financial circumstances. 

For many families, in fact, for any family, all it takes is one setback, either job loss, illness, or death, and the financial toll can last for years, if not for generations.

USANA Health Sciences is a global health company that operates in 24 markets around the world. The USANA Foundation started USANA Kids Eat to help address the issue that 1 in 7 Utah kids are food insecure. 

With 1 in 7 Utah children with insufficient or no food every day, USANA Kids Eat helps to face these issues. Almost 14,000 students in Salt Lake City schools don’t know where their next meal will come from. 56,000 Salt Lake Valley children qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches and 20–25% require weekend food aid.  

USANA Kids Eat is working to change that. So far this year, they have delivered more than 395,000 meals to children in 65 schools from Ogden to Herriman.

Currently, they have 65 schools on their Weekend Program, and they deliver 930 bags total each weekend, with many additional schools on their waiting list hoping to be adopted and added to the program. 

If you or someone you know if looking for a way to give back you can visit the Kids Eat website where you will find way’s to donate, volunteer or create a Holiday Bag project!

Food costs money, of course, and Each person, team, and company can make monetary donations for food for kids. 100% of the donations go to food for kids!

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