(The Daily Dish) We have had Power Plus Cleaning on the show before to talk about their unmatched Pet Urine Treatment but today we have Devron back with us to talk about all of the OTHER exceptional services they have available.

The team at Power Plus Cleaning has 30 years of experience in carpet cleaning. As the industry has changed and grown, their team has learned to provide customers with the greatest clean on the market every time. They’re always striving to keep their process above the rest, even as the technology and culture around carpet cleaning have changed.

Hard Wood Floors

“Devron, I also know you have great service for removing pet urine as well. And with over 60% of homes now having pets inside, this has become a huge problem.”


There are many elements of our home that are important to making your house a home whether it be carpet, upholstery, tile, or grout. Many people spend a lot of time outside of their home and they don’t want to spend it cleaning up or uncomfortable when they ARE home.

Couch Before and After

Not only does Power Plus Cleaning offer solutions to take care of your home but they can also help when it comes to your business and other services such as Water Damage Restoration and also Pet Urine treatment. Call them today at 801-CARPETS or visit online to schedule your service!

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