(The Daily Dish) It’s not easy for men to talk about erectile dysfunction. If you struggle with ED it can be embarrassing. Wasatch Medical Clinic is offering a breakthrough permanent solution. This revolutionary technology is helping men of all ages overcome their ED. It can help you get back to 100% functionality.

Acoustic Wave Therapy uses pulsating acoustic waves to widen blood vessels and increase blood flow in men. In the past, treatment for ED has been through medication, injections, and even surgery with less than promising results. AWT is a natural fix and it’s permanent.

It can be intimidating to not only talk about it but then decide to get treatment as well. Acoustic Wave Therapy is non-invasive. It doesn’t use needles and is applied topically right on top of the skin.

Acoustic Wave Therapy is FDA cleared as of 2015 and is in 23 clinics across the country. Data has been collected from 2,000 patients and 1,800 are happy. Call 801-901-8000 for a free 30-40 minute consultation with a doctor, plus an ultrasound to see where you’re at and see what kind of results you might expect.

You can find out more by visiting the Wasatch Medical Clinic website or giving them a call at (801) 901-8000.

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