(The Daily Dish) Deena is speaking with Kami Price, Director of Ambassadors & Sponsored Athletes at Bucked Up today and we are excited to hear about this Utah Based company that is quickly growing and dropping new products – for women.

One of the main questions they often get asked is… Who is Bucked Up for? And the truth is – Everyone. Everyone can use supplements at different times in their life and in different ways. You don’t need to be working out to need them but the key is having someone who can walk you through the important steps of WHAT you need and WHY.

Ideally, Pre-workout is their #1 product which makes a lot of people think Bucked Up is only for gym bros looking for gains, but it’s a brand for everyone from bodybuilders, to the athlete, to businessmen wanting to get in shape, to stay at home moms wanting to get healthier and everyone in between.

Kami’s background is in the fitness industry and she has been a personal trainer & nutrition coach for over 15 years which means she is familiar with what women want and need. The products she always recommends are protein powder, greens, collagen & LFG, but they have launched a new 100 series pre-workout.

They also have free online boot camps that they do throughout the year with amazing trainers, workouts, and an incredibly supportive community. Plus, they have a whole area you can buy cute clothes too!

The Bucked Up Boot Camp consists of a free 8 WEEK Training Program. The exercises can be adjusted to your level and you also get videos that show you exactly what you need to do. Make sure you keep an eye out for their boot camp to get registered and check out the Terms and conditions. Life’s too short to not get Bucked Up!

Are you new to the scene of working out and not ready or comfortable enough to step into your local gym? They have people who are on the edge of their seats and waiting to help you. Check out their Blog!

If you’re as excited as we are about this product you’re probably wondering where you can find them… Check out the website for a location near you or you can order online and use discount code UTAH at checkout for 20% off your purchase! If those options don’t work for you, visit any GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or Walmart. Don’t forget you can pick up energy drinks in Walmart and thousands of convenience stores around the nation!

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