(The Daily Dish) Would you like to be able to turn your home into a cozy sanctuary this holiday season and beyond? This time of year it’s nice to have a warm, cozy setting to come home to and dōTERRA is helping us do just that with their new Hygge oil and diffuser.  Here to tell us more about it is Sydney Carlson with dōTERRA. 

Designed to reflect the Scandinavian concept of hygge, it invites a sense of security, comfort, and coziness. The word hygge is used to describe that cozy feeling you get when you are comfortable and content with life. With just a few drops of essential oils and the push of a button, you can transform your home into a sanctuary — a place where you can be truly content. This fun oil has a woody and sweet smell. 

The dōTERRA Hygge Diffuser instantly creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere thanks to its beautiful, frosted glass top and warm flickering light. It also has four mist settings and four light options, allowing you to customize your diffuser experience. Whatever hygge means to you, this diffuser can help you create it.

This is an exclusive product for right now. dōTERRA will likely bring it back again down the road because people are loving it so much but you’ll want to get yours now before they are sold out. The best way to get this or any of doTERRA’s products is to find one of our dōTERRA distributors, called Wellness Advocates.

You probably already know someone who is a Wellness Advocate but in case you don’t, you can visit the website and fill out the form to find one. 

You can also visit the dōTERRA website to find out a lot more about this and other products.

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