(The Daily Dish) Anna Maria Freeman has won several cooking contests at the Utah State Fair, so many she has lost count. Surae and her are in the kitchen cooking up a delicious alfredo that is packed with vegetables and wrapped up into a fun presentation with an inexpensive cheese wedge from a local big box store.

In today’s recipe, Anna Maria Freeman used homemade thin spinach spaghetti but says you can use any noodle you prefer, just keep in mind the size of your cheese wedge.  Are you interested in making homemade pasta? Check out this recipe on the YouTube channel for Smoke and Sassy!

Ingredients & Directions for Alfredo Sauce:

  • Melt 4 TBL butter in a heavy pan
  • Add finely chopped sun-dried tomatoes, and stir to incorporate in the butter
  • Add 1 ¾ cups Heavy Cream
  • Add 1 ½ cups fresh parmesan cheese
  • Add vegetables like corn, spinach, peas
  • Add your noodles directly into the sauce from the pan
  • Spoon the noodles into a cheese wedge and using a food torch to warm and melt some additional cheese onto the noodles
  • Stir in the cheese wedge
  • Plate and top with fresh chopped basil

Such a fun and easy meal to make and even better to eat!

Are you interested in joining the Cooking Contest at the Fair or bringing the kids for a little fun? Check out the list of events happening from Thursday, September 8th to Saturday, September 17th for all ages!

  • Thursday, Sept 8th – “Getting’ Jiggy With It” Jello Contest
    • Open to all ages
  • Tuesday, Sept. 13th Oakdell Eggs Omelette Cookoff
    • All ages
    • Onsite cooking competition
    • Limited to 9 contestants
  • Wednesday, Sept. 14th – Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Contest
    • Open to all ages
  • Thursday, Sept 15 – Ag-venturous KIDS Cupcake Decorating Contest
    • Open to kids ages 5 – 12
    • Bring three cupcakes decorated in any of the themes:
      • *Most Creative
      • *Best Tasting
      • *Most Ag-venturous (Fair Theme)
      • *Most Techniques Used
      • *Best Appearance
      • *Best Overall
  • Cattlewomen’s Beef Cook-off – Saturday, Sept. 17

Check out the Utah State Fair website for contest rules and other information!

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