(The Daily Dish) Today on the Daily Dish we are talking about how you can get permanent New teeth in 24 hours and also presenting the Ultimate Guide To Full Mouth Dental Implants with Dr. Preston Hansen from Nuvia Dental.

In all walks of life, people are dealing with the frustration of missing or damaged teeth. They’re embarrassed to smile and feel like dental issues will never end. With Nuvia, they give them a full new set of beautiful teeth, and a permanent fix to dental issues they can be proud of their smile and eat their favorite foods again and they do it in just 24 hours.

Nuvia has over 1,000 people a week asking if they would qualify because they’re different. The traditional method includes temporary dentures for up to 10+ months and a lot of appointments. At Nuvia there are no temporary dentures and they can give their client permanent teeth in 24 hours.

For a lot of people, this type of procedure is a big decision, and they often don’t know where to find all the right information to be able to make that decision. Nuvia Dental has come out with a new book that helps.

A lot of people don’t know where to start their research. They know they’re fed up with their current circumstances and have heard of dental implants but they don’t know where to find the information they can’t trust.

That is why Nuvia Dental decided to write “The Ultimate Guide to Dental Implants,” a book that goes over everything you could want or need to know about implants!

Things like:

  • Typical pricing for full mouth implants
  • How dental and health insurance affects it
  • If dental implants are right for their situation and if it’s worth it
  • How to make this type of procedure affordable
  • How to choose the right provider

Unfortunately, they’re unable to help everyone who requests treatment, so they hope that this guide will help everyone thinking about taking the journey. They are booked out with surgeries for a while but there is still a chance to get in before the holidays – if you hurry.

Are you or someone you know and love interested in dental implants? You can get a copy of Nuvia’s new book by visiting their website.

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