(The Daily Dish)  Today Nicea and Surae sat down with Andrea Hanson M.Ed LCMHC to talk about some really exciting news in treatments. This is something that you or a loved one might be experiencing and the holidays might make things more difficult every year, triggering emotions that you thought you had dealt with already.

Andrea and the team with Symbios are there to help you work through these emotions. Come along with us as we talk through some details to begin with.

  • First of all, let’s talk about What Complex Trauma actually is:
    • Complex trauma is caused by overwhelming situations that happen during brain development that interrupt neurobiological development, causing disruption to all levels of the brain and body from cells, and the autonomic nervous system on up, leading to all kinds of distress like inflammation, obesity, ADHD, depression, addiction, bipolar, borderline, and more.  

All of us are thinking that this description describes us but that’s not always true. Complex Trauma can not be self diagnosed. Talk therapy and mindset work is only about 2% effective in healing trauma and medications are only about 30% effective. Also, Unfortunately many seek professional help only to find themselves in an internal shame battle, feeling so broken that professionals can’t even help them when in reality the mental health field doesn’t train professionals to understand complex-trauma. If you have taken full accountability for your mental health, have tried talk therapy, exercise, diet, medications, etc. and nothing has really helped, it’s possible you’ve been experiencing symptoms of complex-trauma. 

So, the main question we are all sitting on the edge of our seats wondering: Is healing from complex trauma possible? And the answer is: Absolutely. Andrea specializes in several rapid complex trauma healing techniques that focus on the mid to lower brain and body which she combines into unique processes based on her client’s needs.

At Symbios, they combine these techniques with ketamine during half-day healing intensives and see immediate improvement in symptoms. In comparison to talk therapy and meds that are, together around 32% effective and create life-long patients, their process is over 75% effective and takes a few days. 

Symbios has become an effective treatment with the use of Ketamine. Ketamine is a safe, FDA approved substance that pumps the brain full of glutamate, a chemical that regenerates neural connections, essentially making the brain very malleable right as the client is coming out of the 45-90 minute peak experience, so they dive right into deep-brain rewiring, leveraging the impact of the ketamine for optimal long-term effect. Other clinics use ketamine as a stand-alone treatment, sometimes with therapy later in the week, which is safer than getting high at home, but not more effective. Symbios uses it as a catalyst for a powerful therapeutic process.

Anyone who is over the age of 16 and is ready to prioritize their wellness and invest in recalibrating their system. Plus leave feeling trapped in distress, self-sabotage and suicidality in 2021 and experience 2022 and beyond in empowerment, self-love, and freedom should give Symbios a call and they can do an assessment! 

For more information about Symbios or to schedule an appointment, visit their website and check out everything they have to roll into 2022 and continue long into your future.

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