What is “The Band”?

The Cramp Band, made by The Girls Company, is made of a nylon spandex blend. It has six pockets circling all the way around the length of the band where thin, oxygen activated heat pouches are inserted. The heat lasts for 8-10 hours. The heat packs are disposable, but all ingredients are environmentally safe. The band has a clasp like a bra so it is adjustable and easy to take on and off.

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How does it relieve cramp pain?

Heat helps to alleviate cramp pain by relaxing the contracting muscles which cause the pain. The spandex in the band adds a slight pressure to help combat bloating as well.

Where can people buy it and how can people follow The Girls Company and its story?

You can find the band at TheGirlsCo.com, or on Target.com. You can follow them on Instagram @thegirls_co or sign up for the newsletter on their website.

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