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(The Daily Dish) Aundrea DeMille, Author of Is It Racism? How to Heal the Human Divide, International Keynote Speaker, Business Owner and podcast host of The Wake Up Stories joins Nicea on The Daily Dish.

In the middle of Hispanic Heritage Month, many states and cities across the nation have chosen to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Listen to the clip and find out why Aundrea feels this has become so controversial and explains how our subconscious biases are directly tied to our feelings and why for some, they feel like we are “replacing history.”

In her new book, Is it Racism? How to Heal the Human Divide; Aundrea mentions “the mind model.” Today she takes a chance to give us a brief overview of what this is and how it can aid in navigating the controversy around the holiday. Aundrea explains that using the Mind Model and discussing the issues is actually more about healing and showing empathy.

There are a lot of people who feel like they can’t do anything to change what’s happening when it comes to race relations. To these people, Aundrea says:

We all have an unconscious bias. We can start by having uncomfortable conversations and by diligently listening to others with empathy then we can start by taking action to make a difference at home and in our communities.”

You can pre-order her new book here. If you would like to learn more about Aundrea DeMille and The WakeUp Stories, you can visit her website or listen to her Podcasts on Apple.

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