(The Daily Dish) Chad Booth with At Your Leisure is in the studio with Nicea and Deena to talk about all of the fun upcoming events.

Take a look at a few places they’re covering on their upcoming show!

Visit Capitol Reef National Park

Chad and Ria do some cruisy scenic driving and enjoy some of the epic views that Capitol Reef National Park has to offer. They also share some insight into some of the popular trails, activities as well as accommodation options in and around the park. Eventually, They had a bit more of an adventure than they initially planned for but luckily they were still able to make it a great day.

Green River Dirt Bike Rally

Next, the At Your Leisure crew is heading to Green River to check out the annual dirt bike rally. The Rally offers an incredible setup with opportunities for advancing rider skills as well as enjoying exciting guided trail rides that suit a wide range of skill levels. With so much to offer it makes this a spectacular and fun event for dirt bike enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.

The Jeep Experience at Easter Jeep Safari

Recently Scott Huntsman and The At Your Leisure crew got to go down for The Easter Jeep Safari event in Moab. Many people are familiar with the Safari and the many amazing rides available during this event. What some people aren’t aware of is that throughout the week many vendors bring out some special toys and the crew got to join one of those vendors for The Jeep Experience which was a special event that featured concept vehicles and builds from Jeep where we got insights into vehicles not even yet released as well as access to see the latest parts and accessories coming out for the equipment you may already have. Best of all, there was some test driving of some of the latest and greatest vehicles to hit the market.

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