Amy Bowman, Co-Founder, My Tech High, and Dave Rasmussen, Parent of 3 My Tech High students from South Jordan, UT are “dishing” today about WHY students are thriving in My Tech High’s flexible learning model.

My Tech High partners with public schools across the country to provide a FREE personalized education program to students in grades K-12 who learn best at home

At My Tech High, they truly believe that “children are not standard” so they give students a voice in designing their ideal education plan which includes tapping into the best resources available at home, online, and in the community.

Dave tells us that his family was introduced to My Tech High when their oldest child was entering kindergarten. That was five years ago – he’s going into 5th grade this Fall. They also have two daughters in My Tech High – going into 3rd grade and 1st grade.

“It’s been a real blessing to our family to be able to customize our children’s education around their interests and passions through the resources, funding, and support from My Tech High. We’ve loved the access to technology courses and the opportunities we’ve had to learn skills like 3D printing and laser cutting through Makerspace and engineering skills through hands-on projects with Tinker Crates and LEGO Robotics. My children have also been able to participate in incredible community classes like Let’s Play Music, Makerspace at Thanksgiving Pointe, hikes and field trips to museums for Science and Social Studies, and private music lessons.” Say’s, Dave.

Amy advises you to know that you aren’t alone. At My Tech High, they provide you access to a computer, internet, Certified teachers, a caring support staff, and flexible curriculum options for ALL subjects, including hands-on tech and entrepreneurship classes! She also suggests you tap into all of the amazing resources available – both online and in your community and she wants to remind you that they’re here to help every step of the way!

It does take some work on the parent end, but the rewards are well worth the effort! You can customize your children’s schedule to what works best for your family. Dave’s children have taken a more active role in their education, which helps them learn how they learn best, retain what they learn, and want to learn more. There is a wonderful community of families across the state to support you and to get together with.

For more information about My Tech High and to get started with enrollment you can visit their website.

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