SALT LAKE CITY (The Daily Dish) — Our state is ever-expanding, and in recent years we are seeing more homeowners coming to Utah to settle down. With the growing influx of homes and a unique need for a dependable residential cleaning service, we’ll soon be seeing more from a nationally recognized brand called Maid Brigade.

Since 1981, the business has been a trusted maid service franchise and they’ve chosen to expand into the Greater Salt Lake City, Utah area because of the states exponential growth and need for reliable and professional residential cleaning services.

At one time having a cleaning service was considered a luxury but in this new era, there is a growing increase in the emphasis being placed on people utilizing their free time as much as possible, plus you add in dual-income working families, that luxury has become today’s reality.

If we were to take a step back and be truly honest with ourselves, no one want’s to come home to a second job or a house to clean. We are all commuting farther, working more hours, and hustling more during the day than ever before.

If you would like to schedule a cleaning, visit their website.

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