(The Daily Dish) Everybody wants a brighter whiter smile and some people even say it helps with your love life.

Love Your Teeth interviewed 40 people and asked them what the importance was of a smile in their dating life and how it attracts them to people. The response was overwhelming affirmative that a bright clean smile is important and attractive.

Love Your Teeth promises seven shades whiter in just seven days. Those are the average kinds of results that you can get without messy gels or strips that you have to leave in your mouth for you know 30 minutes. This product is just a 10-minute treatment.

You can follow the steps Snap, Swab, and Smile for the application of Love Your Teeth. You insert a cardboard sleeve inside of a capsule and push till you hear a “snap”. Next, you swab the solution on your teeth for two minutes.

The solution is a trademarked aloe-white, comfort solution that penetrates the stains deeply with minimal to no sensitivity.

The last step is to follow it up with the smile light. Put the light in your mouth for 10 minutes that’s all. After seven days you can expect that smile to be seven shades whiter. You don’t have to be in a dentist’s office or spend a fortune, You can do this in your own home.

You can get 50% off our complete renewal whitening system. Included in the offer is a free go-pen normally $20 sold separately. Also, your order includes free shipping and handling and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Call (800) 963-0205 or visit their website to get this offer today!

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