See how to become your child’s first and most influential teacher

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Registration for Waterford Upstart is open for fall 2021 and no matter what happens with the Delta variant, you can get your child prepared for kindergarten at home.

Waterford Upstart will not turn a single qualifying Utah family away. They’re also allowing kindergarteners to continue on the program this year to help combat possible learning loss due to COVID 19.

Waterford Upstart is an at-home, early education program that gives parents the tools they need to become their child’s first and most influential teacher, including a computer and internet access at NO COST. During this life-altering COVID-19 spread, families currently using Waterford Upstart saw no pause in their children’s education.

The program provides positive parent-child interactions while delivering personalized, online instruction 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Parents are also given support through a personal coach and tips to continue engaging their children offline. On average, 92% of children who participate in Waterford Upstart are ready for kindergarten, compared to a 65% average nationwide and 48% for low-income children.

Waterford Upstart has been validated by eight years of rigorous external evaluations in Utah, and a third-party randomized-controlled trial shows strong evidence of effectiveness. Not only that but these learning gains are being shown to last over time.

A longitudinal study conducted in 2016 by the Utah State Board of Education shows Waterford Upstart children outperform their peers on state standardized tests in literacy skills all the way through the fourth grade. These gains were consistent across all subgroups, including special education (SPED), minority, low-income, and English Language Learner (ELL) populations.

For more information about Waterford Upstart or to get registered, visit their YouTube Channel or website.

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