See how DoTerra is making a positive difference in the lives of farmers

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Nicea is joined today by Bishnu Adhikari, Director of Co-Impact Sourcing for doTerra. Bishnu tells ABC4 Utah that his role is to work with sourcing teams to make sure the doTerra philosophy of co-impact sourcing is being met as they harvest the oils. 

The DoTerra team ensures the proper processes are being followed so they can bring the highest quality, most pure oils to market and also do the most good in the communities where they harvest the oils.

Bishnu’s whole career has been focused on helping others from the US provide Aid to Choice Humanitarian and now at doTERRA. He has a Civil engineering degree from Russia, and returning to Nepal he wanted to help the communities who had basic needs like school, work, homes. Working with Choice Humanitarian he had the opportunity to help provide these services.

This process was a reincarnation of himself. He learned that it is great to support the communities with donated resources but to empower the people with sustainable resources was the true key. The first 15 years of his experience working with the people on the ground taught him that people just needed a little help to get on a path to success and that is what doTerra provides. A business solution to help those who source the oils to have jobs and resources to grow and provide for their families. 

doTERRA opens the doors to providing the resources to solve their own problems and that is why Bishnu chose to be part of doTERRA three years ago. doTERRA does work in 45 plus countries and about ½ are developing countries where they can provide these services to help solve socio-economic problems. It has been such an incredible journey to be able to help people through doTERRA’s willingness to go the extra mile beyond their business needs.

To find more information about the Co-Impact Sourcing process with DoTerra or their products you can visit the website.

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